Kaeng khae

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Kaeng khae
Kaeng khae-963.JPG
Kaeng khae with chicken and yardlong beans in Chiang Rai city
Alternative names Gaeng kae
Type Curry
Place of origin Thailand
Region or state Northern Thailand
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredients Vegetables, chicken, frog, fish or snails
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Kaeng khae (Thai: แกงแค, pronounced [kɛ̄ːŋ kʰɛ̄ː]) is a curry of northern Thai cuisine.

The curry is named after the Piper sarmentosum leaves, one of its main ingredients, which are known as khae in northern Thailand.


This curry is made mainly with vegetables and herbs. Chicken,[1] frogs,[2] beef, dried fish or snails[3] are added depending on the variant.[4]

The ingredients of the dish are P. sarmentosum, Lao coriander, cha-om, and Acmella oleracea leaves, the dry cores of the Bombax ceiba flower, Sesbania grandiflora flowers, ivy gourds, eggplants, bamboo shoots, pea eggplants, fresh chilies, and mushrooms.[5]

Khua khae is a curry that is similar to kaeng khae, but less liquid.[6]

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