Kaeng pa

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Kaeng pa
Kaeng phak wan.JPG
Alternative names Gaeng pa
Type Curry
Place of origin Thailand
Region or state Northern Thailand
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredients Pork, chicken
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Kaeng pa (Thai: แกงป่า, pronounced [kɛ̄ːŋ pàː], lit. "forest curry" or "jungle curry") is a variety of Thai curry from the forested areas of northern Thailand. Like most curries from northern Thailand, but unlike many other curries from southern or central Thailand, traditional kaeng pa usually contains no coconut milk, as coconuts are not naturally found in the jungles of the Thai highlands. This quality makes it more suitable for people on low saturated fat diets. Currently there are, however, variants that do include coconut.[1]

Kaeng pa is a highly spicy and watery curry that has a distinctive full taste. Ingredients usually include: kaffir lime peel and leaves, lemongrass, green pepper corns, galangal, garlic, pea eggplant and chilli. It was originally prepared with wild boar but is now more commonly prepared with pork or chicken.[2][3][4]

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