Kaeson Youth Park

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Kaeson Youth Park
Kaeson Fun Fair.jpg
Location North Korea
Coordinates 39°2′52″N 125°45′29″E / 39.04778°N 125.75806°E / 39.04778; 125.75806Coordinates: 39°2′52″N 125°45′29″E / 39.04778°N 125.75806°E / 39.04778; 125.75806
Opened 1984[1]
Operating season Year-round
Area 40 ha[1]
Roller coasters 1

The Kaeson Youth Park is an amusement park located in Pyongyang, North Korea. The park, located near the Kim Il Sung Stadium and in the west foot of Moran Hill was opened in 1984, the park was opened as part of the Triumphal Arch dedication.[2] It included a carousel, fun house and amusement park rides like the Ferris wheel, comprising an area of 40 hectares (99 acres).[1]

In April 2010 the park was renovated, after which it was visited by Kim Jong Il.[3][4] It was reported that riding all 10 amusements in the park costs 1,600 won.[3]

A "belly down" roller coaster, imported from Italy, opened in 2010.[5] As of 2013, the rides on offer also included bumper cars, teacups, a swing ride and a double shot-like vertical drop.[6][7]

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