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Kaferkahel's Mosque (Left) and Church (Right)
Kaferkahel's Mosque (Left) and Church (Right)
Country Lebanon
GovernorateNorth Governorate
 • Total67 sq mi (173 km2)
 • TotalNot exceed 500
Time zoneUTC+2
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3

Kaferkahel (Arabic: كَفَرْقاهِل‎ Kafer-Qãhël) and some says Kfarqahel (Arabic: كْفَرْقاهِل‎ Kfar-Qãhël) is a Lebanese village of Al-Koura villages in the North governorate. Characterized by its geographical location as it separates the district of Al-Koura and Zagarta-corner through the valley Qadisha and the river Qadisha. The village is half Greek Orthodox Christian and half Sunni Muslim).[1] There's a church (St.Georges) and a mosque in the center of the village and a little abandoned church on the banks of Qadisha river (St. Elias Arabic: مار الياس‎ Mar Illiess), this church is used in July to celebrate Mar Illiess.

The "Mar Illiess" Church

River of Qadisha[edit]

The Kadisha River (Arabic: نهر قاديشا‎ Nahr Qadishä) (also known as Nahr Abu-A'ali Arabic: نهر أبو علي‎), passes through this village.

Quadisha River


Olive tree in Kafrekahel


There are a lot of immigrants from Kaferkahel to several countries like:

 Canada  Australia  USA  KSA  Europe  Brazil  Nigeria, They visit their friends and family in the summer and holidays.


The local population do not exceed 500 inhabitants. And the main families of Kaferkahel are:

    • hadid Arabic: حديد‎ (Biggest Family in the village)
    • Al-AshkarArabic: الأشقر‎ (Biggest Christian Family in the Village)
    • El-Nabbout Arabic: النبوت
    • HajjehArabic: الحاجّة
    • Abdul QaderArabic: عبد القادر
    • Semsom Arabic: سمسم
    • moufarej

Election of the municipalities of Kaferkahel[edit]

On the last municipal elections on 30 April 2010 retired Brigadier General Nizar Abdul Qader Arabic: العميد نزار عبد القادر‎ won under the chairmanship of the municipality, headed by Mr. Edmond El-Nabbout Arabic: الاستاذ دمون النبوت‎ as vice president, and Al-Mukhtar is Mr. Mufeed Hajjeh Arabic: السيّد مفيد الحاجّة


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Coordinates: 34°21′26″N 35°51′09″E / 34.3571°N 35.8524°E / 34.3571; 35.8524