Kagher Neiber-Shieg

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Kagher Neiber-Shieg (February 5, 1897 – 1910s) was a Canadian-born German fighter ace.[citation needed]

Birth and early life[edit]

Neiber-Shieg was born to a German family in downtown Ottawa. His father worked in an industrial plant, while his mother lived at home. For three years, 1912–1915, he attended Lisgar Collegiate Institute, where he was abused because of his German parentage. He then conspired to escape to Germany.[citation needed]

Stowing Away on Transport and Sneaking Into Germany[edit]

In mid-November 1915, Neiber-Shieg sneaked aboard a transport ship carrying Canadian soldiers to the front in World War I. He posed as a deck hand, and upon arrival in England, pretended to be a physician's helper. He sneaked across No man's land and came upon German lines. He then joined the Imperial German Army Air Service.[citation needed]

Life in the Imperial German Flying Corps[edit]

Neiber-Shieg, upon graduation from the Air Academy was a successful pilot. He allegedly shot down 6 aircraft, destroyed 8 on the ground, and had 3 'probables'.[citation needed] However while returning to his base his plane was clipped by a bird. Though this did not damage the plane in any way, Neiber-Shieg immediately pulled his plane into a dive. As he was only at 30 feet Neiber-Shieg was instantly killed as his plane hit the ground. He is buried in Amiens, France.[citation needed]


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