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Type 7000 tramcar, known as the U-tram II.
Kagoshima City Bus.

The Kagoshima City Transportation Bureau (鹿児島市交通局, Kagoshima-shi Kōtsūkyoku) is a public transportation authority of Kagoshima City, Japan. The bureau operates trams and bus lines. From April 1, 2005, together with Nangoku Kōtsū and JR Kyūshū Bus, the bureau introduced RapiCa, a smart card ticketing system.

The bureau was founded in 1928, by taking over Kagoshima Electric Tramway, a private company. The tram line itself existed from 1912.

Kagoshima City Tram[edit]

Currently. Kagoshima City Tram (鹿児島市電, Kagoshima Shiden) is one of the few tram lines in Japan that stably make profits. There are more than 10 million users annually.

Lines and routes[edit]

Route 1 (1系統): Kagoshima-Ekimae — Takamibaba — Takenohashi — Kōrimoto — Taniyama
Route 2 (2系統): Kagoshima-Ekimae — Takamibaba — Kagoshima-Chūō-Ekimae — Kōrimoto

Tramcars come once per five minutes generally, once per one minute in busier sections. The fare is ¥170 for all the sections.

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