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Background information
Also known as Crow
Origin Tokyo, Japan
Genres Rock, traditional[1]
Years active 1998–2011
Labels PS Company, Columbia, King,
Past members Isshi

Kagrra, (神樂, Kagura) was a Japanese visual kei rock band. They were originally signed to the now defunct Key Party Records under the name "Crow". The group changed its name when they signed to PS Company in 2000.[1]


The band's major debut was in 2004 with the single "Urei".[2][3] Kagrra,'s concept is "Neo Japanesque". Their lyrics were in the style of Heian era poetry, their costumes frequently incorporated traditional Japanese clothing styles, and traditional Japanese instruments and drum rhythms were used in some of their songs. On November 10, 2010, it was announced that Kagrra, would be disbanding after ten years together. As a final request, the members asked that fans refer to it as a "demise" rather than a disbandment. The band released one last CD and held a final tour. The CD, entitled Hyakki Kenran, was released on February 2, 2011. Their final tour began on February 13, 2011 and ended on March 3, 2011 at the Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall in Tokyo.[4]

On July 25, 2011, it was announced that vocalist Isshi died in his home on July 18, 2011. He was 32 years old.[5]


  • Isshi (一志) – vocals, flute
  • Akiya (楓弥) – guitar
  • Shin (真) – guitar, koto
  • Nao (女雅) – bass
  • Izumi (白水) – drums


Demo tapes[edit]

Title Release date Label
Hyakuyae (百夜絵) July 13, 1999 Key Party Records
Kotodama (恋綴魂) June 21, 2000 PS Company

Albums and EPs[edit]

Title Release date Label
Nue (鵺; Chimera) December 1, 2000 PS Company
Sakura (桜; Cherry Blossom) March 3, 2001 PS Company
Irodori (彩; Color) October 3, 2001 PS Company
Kirameki (煌) May 1, 2002 PS Company
Gozen December 11, 2002 PS Company
Ouka Ranman (桜花爛漫) September 24, 2003 PS Company
Miyako (京; Capital) March 3, 2004 Columbia
San (燦) July 20, 2005 Columbia
Shizuku (雫; Drop) February 14, 2007 Columbia
Core January 9, 2008 King Records / Europe: CLJ Records
Shu (珠; Jewel) April 1, 2009 King Records / Europe: CLJ Records
Hyakki Kenran (百鬼絢爛) February 2, 2011 Peace&Smile Music / Europe: CLJ Records
Kagrra Indies Best 2000-2003 June 29, 2011 PS Company


Title Release date Label
Genwaku no Joukei (幻惑の情景) April 27, 2001 PS Company
Memai (眩暈) May 26, 2001 PS Company
Kamiuta (神謌) June 29, 2001 PS Company
Tsurezure Naru Mama Ni... (徒然なるままに、、、) July 27, 2001 PS Company
Yume Izuru Chi (夢イズル地) April 3, 2002 PS Company
Iroha Ni Hoheto (いろはにほへと) May 5, 2002 PS Company
Kakashi (案山子) May 5, 2002 PS Company
Sakura Mai Chiru Ano Oka De (桜舞い散るあの丘で) October 4, 2002 PS Company
Kotodama (恋綴魂) October 4, 2002 PS Company
Haru Urara (春麗ら) May 28, 2003 PS Company
Yotogi Banashi (夜伽噺) July 30, 2003 PS Company
Urei (愁) January 1, 2004 Columbia
Rin (凛) July 21, 2004 Columbia
Omou (憶) October 27, 2004 Columbia
Sarasouju no Komoriuta (沙羅双樹の子護唄) February 2, 2005 Columbia
Gen'ei no Katachi (幻影の貌) February 2, 2005 Columbia
Chikai no Tsuki (誓ノ月) February 1, 2006 Columbia
Utakata (うたかた) * November 22, 2006 Columbia
Uzu (渦) September 10, 2008 King Records
Shiki (四季) October 21, 2009 King Records
Tsuki ni Murakumo Hana ni Ame (月に斑雲 紫陽花に雨) June 16, 2010 Peace&Smile Music
Shiroi Uso (白ゐ嘘) August 11, 2010 Peace&Smile Music

* #21 Oricon Weekly Charts, December 4, 2006[6]


Title Release date Label Medium
Kagura-fuu Unroku (神楽風雲録) March 3, 2002 PS Company VHS
Yume Izuru Chi (夢イズル地) June 16, 2002 PS Company VHS
Hisai (秘祭) November 19, 2003 PS Company DVD
Kaika Sengen Ouka Ranman (~開花宣言~「桜花爛漫」) April 7, 2004 PS Company DVD
Miyako Inishie no Tobira ga Ima (京~古の扉が今、、、~) July 21, 2004 Columbia DVD
Sara Natsukashi no Rakuen (沙羅~懐かしの楽園~) August 3, 2005 Columbia DVD
Unsanmusyo (雲燦霧消) November 30, 2005 Columbia DVD
Kiseki~ni (鬼跡~弐) September 27, 2006 Columbia DVD
Shuen - Sakura Maichiru Ano Oka de... (終焉~桜舞い散るあの丘で~) March 3, 2011 PS Company DVD


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