Kahama, Tanzania

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This article is about the town. For the district, see Kahama District.
Kahama is located in Tanzania
Location in Tanzania
Coordinates: 03°50′15″S 32°36′00″E / 3.83750°S 32.60000°E / -3.83750; 32.60000
Country Flag of Tanzania.svg Tanzania
Region Shinyanga Region
District Kahama District
 • Type Town Council
Population (2006 Estimate)
 • Total 36,000
Time zone GMT + 3

Kahama is a town in northwestern Tanzania. The town is the location of the district headquarters of Kahama District. The district is named after the town.


Kahama is located in Kahama District, in Shinyanga Region, in northwestern Tanzania, approximately 109 kilometres (68 mi), by road, southwest of Shinyanga, where the regional headquarters are located.[1] This location lies approximately 536 kilometres (333 mi), by road, northwest of Dodoma, the capital city of Tanzania.[2] The coordinates of the town are:3°50'15.0"S, 32°36'00.0"E (Latitude:-3.8375; Longitude:32.6000).[3]


As of January 2006, the population of Kahama, Tanzania was estimated at about 36,000.[4]

Points of interest[edit]

The following points of interest are located landmarks in the town of Kahama or near its borders:[5]

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Coordinates: 03°50′15″S 32°36′00″E / 3.83750°S 32.60000°E / -3.83750; 32.60000