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Some people named Kahane include:

  • Anetta Kahane, German journalist and former Stasi member
  • Binyamin Kahane, Israeli Air Force pilot, recipient of Medal of Courage
  • Brianna Kahane (born 2002), American child prodigy violinist
  • Gabriel Kahane, American composer, pianist and singer-songwriter
  • Howard Kahane, professor of philosophy known for promoting a popular approach to logic
  • Jack Kahane (1887–1939), Manchester-born writer and publisher
  • Jean-Pierre Kahane, French mathematician
  • Jeffrey Kahane, American pianist and conductor
  • Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of the American Jewish Defense League and the Israeli Kach party
  • Rabbi Binyamin Ze'ev Kahane, founder of the Israeli Kahane Chai party; son of Rabbi Meir Kahane
  • Rabbi Nachman Kahane, rabbinic scholar involved in renewal of Sanhedrin; author of commentary on Tosafot of the Talmud; brother of Rabbi Meir Kahane

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