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Kahitna (pronounced [kaˈhɪtna]), a music group from Bandung, Indonesia was formed in 1986 and founded by Yovie Widianto. Although most of the songs contains love themes in the lyrics, the group is also well known to be able to combine elements of other music genres such as jazz, pop, fusion, Latin and even traditional music.



  1. 1994 - Cerita Cinta (English translation: Love Story)
  2. 1996 - Cantik (English translation: Beautiful)
  3. 1998 - Sampai Nanti (English translation: Until Then)
  4. 2000 - Permaisuriku (English translation: My Empress)
  5. 2002 - The Best of Kahitna (Compilation)
  6. 2003 - Cinta Sudah Lewat (English translation: Love has Gone)
  7. 2006 - Soulmate
  8. 2010 - Lebih dari Sekedar Cantik (English translation: More than Just Beautiful)
  9. 2011 - Cerita Cinta 25 Tahun Kahitna (English translation: Kahitna's 25 Years Love Story)

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