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Kahl in Alzenau.
Location Bavaria, Hesse,  Germany
Reference no. DE: 24772
Basin features
Main source near Kleinkahl
50°07′17″N 9°18′59″E / 50.121444°N 9.3163311°E / 50.121444; 9.3163311Coordinates: 50°07′17″N 9°18′59″E / 50.121444°N 9.3163311°E / 50.121444; 9.3163311
River mouth in Kahl into the Main
50°03′59″N 8°59′29″E / 50.066361°N 8.9914512°E / 50.066361; 8.9914512
Progression Main → Rhine → North Sea
River system Rhine
Basin size 198.35 km² [1]
Physical characteristics
Length 32.4 km [2]
  • Average rate:
    1.89 m³/s[3]

The Kahl is a river in the northern Spessart in Bavaria and Hesse, Germany. It is a right tributary of the Main and is 32 km (19.9 mi) long. The name Kahl comes from the Old High German word kaldaha, which means cool and clear. The Kahl rises from two sources left and right of the road at the foot of the Spessart hills, near Kleinkahl. These springs produce 50–60 litres per second. The Kahl flows into the river Main in Kahl am Main. The mouth is near the old Kahl Nuclear Power Plant. The largest tributaries are Westerbach, Sommerkahl, Reichenbach and Geiselbach.


Tributaries from source to mouth:


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