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Kahrizak Charity Foundation (KCF) (Persian: موسسه خیریه کهریزک) is a private, non-governmental, non-profit, charitable organization where physically handicapped or elderly individuals with no financial resources are cared for, free of charge.

The late Dr. Mohammad Reza Hakimzadeh, in a small, dilapidated house in southern Tehran, founded KCF in 1971 . This institution started with one patient and one room and has grown to a 1600 bed center.

The Ladies Charitable Society (LCS) has been an integral part of Kahrizak since 1972. LCS has provided KCF with much needed support and guidance in various areas in addition to organizing fundraising events in Iran and other countries.

The Mother and Child Center, affiliated with LCS was founded in 1990 to aid children who became orphaned after the devastating earthquake in Roodbar, Gilan. The Mother and Child Center has pursued its humanitarian activities following all subsequent major earthquakes.

KCF have been recognized as a tax-deductible charity at United States.


KCF currently has a campus covering 101 acres (0.41 km2) with 1,400,000 square feet (130,000 m2) of constructed building space. 500 male and 1100 female patients reside in 22 separate units. About two thirds of the patients are elderly and one third are physically disabled.

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