Kahshe Lake

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Kahshe Lake
LocationMuskoka, Ontario
Coordinates44°52′N 79°16′W / 44.867°N 79.267°W / 44.867; -79.267Coordinates: 44°52′N 79°16′W / 44.867°N 79.267°W / 44.867; -79.267
Basin countriesCanada

Kahshe Lake is a lake situated in the Muskoka region in Ontario, Canada (just south of the town of Gravenhurst). It is one of the main cottaging lakes in the region and is the fourth largest of these lakes by area. There are approximately 600 cottages on the lake. The lake is tea coloured, containing a high level of dissolved organics.


The Indian word Kah-she-she-bog-a-mog is defined in a dictionary developed by early Jesuit missionaries and located in the archives in Ottawa.

The morphemes break as follows: Ka-shesheb-agam-ag: 'where there are-ducks-lake-place', thus 'Lake of Many Ducks'; compare Ojibwe jishib 'duck'; the following are spurious (Carl Masthay, St. Louis, 2009): Kah-Lake, She-Many, Bog-Ducks,a-and, Mog or Maug-Loons, therefore Lake of Many Many Ducks and Loons (researched by Ken Little). Other people swear that it means Lake of Many Islands or "Lake of Healing Waters".

Yet others, especially those with powerful motor boats, nickname it Lake of Many Rocks and "The Minefield". The lake's west end is shallow while the east side is deep, yet both areas have many shallow rock hazards with no marker buoys that just seem to appear "out of nowhere" as the waterways are navigated. There is a section in the middle of the lake that is so rugged that if marked with sonar, it appears as the pulses of a heartbeat on a pulse reader. These many distinct areas in the lake provide for easy fish locating for avid fishermen. Many have nicknamed it "Lake of Many Hidden Rocks" as many first-timers launch their boat and head for open water (which normally makes sense) and hit their propeller/motor on a "hidden rock."


It is notable that there is a public beach off North Kahshe Lake Road. The beach is a gathering point for residents and cottagers. There are public boating docks and a boat launch. The lake has been featured on several fishing shows and has also been featured on television, most notably in a Tim Hortons commercial. There are many organized events in and around the lake, particularly the Kahshe Lake regatta, which has been happening for over fifty years.[1]

There are also several barn dances, a Labour Day concert, and the Rockhaven Inn craft sale.

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