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Kai Cheng Thom is a Canadian writer and social worker.[1] She has published two books to date, the novel Fierce Femmes and Notorious Liars: A Dangerous Trans Girl's Confabulous Memoir (2016)[2] and the poetry collection a place called No Homeland (2017).[3]

Fierce Femmes was a shortlisted Lambda Literary Award nominee for Transgender Fiction at the 29th Lambda Literary Awards,[4] and Thom won the 2017 Dayne Ogilvie Prize for LGBTQ writers.[5] The Dayne Ogilvie jury, consisting of writers Jane Eaton Hamilton, Elio Iannacci and Trish Salah, cited Thom's work as "sheer joyful exuberance, creativity, and talent", calling Fierce Femmes "a delicious and fabulist refashioning of a trans memoir as fiction" and "a genre-breaking refusal of the idea that the only stories trans people have to tell are their autobiographies."[5]

In 2018, a place called No Homeland was a shortlisted finalist for the Publishing Triangle Award for Trans and Gender-Variant Literature.[6]