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Kaiizen logo.jpg
Motto "Kaiizen is for the kids"
Formation 2004
Type Non-profit organization
Headquarters Agoura Hills, CA
Executive Director
Joshua Brazier
Key people
Alex Osborne
Website www.kaiizen.org

Kaiizen (aka Kaiizen Foundation) is a non-profit organization that serves underprivileged children (mostly orphans) through a workforce of college-aged American volunteers.[1] Its name is intentionally resemblant of "kaizen," a Japanese term roughly meaning "continual improvement" in English. Founded by college students, Kaiizen has directed the efforts of thousands of volunteers and offered tens of thousands of dollars in aid to orphanages in Mexico since its inception in 2004.

The organization has been successful in such a short amount of time because college students are eager to gain experiences abroad and since participation costs are very low (averaging about $200 for a four-day trip).[2] What money Kaiizen does need is provided by the volunteers themselves, by local businesses, or through sales of limited-edition Kaiizen shirts.

Baja service[edit]

Kaiizen's most notable service has been rendered in Baja California, Mexico. Past projects have included service to four main orphanages, painting buildings, cleaning rooms, building play equipment, fixing ceiling tiles, laying concrete, and interacting with children.[3] Kaiizen planned nine different trips to Baja during 2008 starting in March. Kaiizen made five trips to El Sauzal Orphanage in 2009, and has five trips planned for 2010.[4]


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