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In Hinduism, Kaikesi (Devanagari: कैकसी, IAST: Kaikasī, also spelled Kaikasi or Kekasi) was the mother of Ravana.

The daughter of Sumali and Tataka and the sister of Maricha and Subahu, she schemed with her parents to seduce the Rishi Vishrava and through him, produce powerful, demonic offspring. Vishrava left his wife Ilavida and his son Kubera to marry Kaikesi and through her, fathered Ravana, Vibhishana, Kumbhakarna and a daughter, Surpanakha.

When Ravana dethroned Kubera and crowned himself King of Lanka, a disgusted Vishrava disowned his demonic family and returned to Ilavida for good.


Year Name Channel Country Played by
2006 Raavan (TV series) Zee TV India Ravee Gupta