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Shiva-Parvati Statue at Kailasagiri
LocationVisakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India
Coordinates17°44′56″N 83°20′32″E / 17.748992°N 83.342236°E / 17.748992; 83.342236 (Kailasagiri)Coordinates: 17°44′56″N 83°20′32″E / 17.748992°N 83.342236°E / 17.748992; 83.342236 (Kailasagiri)
Area380 acres
Elevation173 metres (568 ft)[1]
Operated byVisakhapatnam Metropolitan Region Development Authority
Visitors3500-3600 daily[2]

Kailasagiri is a hilltop park in the city of Visakhapatnam in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.[3] The park was developed by the Visakhapatnam Metropolitan Region Development Authority (VMRDA) and comprises 380 acres (150 ha) of land covered with flora and tropical trees. The hill, at 173 metres (568 ft), overlooks the city of Visakhapatnam.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh awarded Kailasagiri as its "Best Tourist Spot" in 2003. On average, around three hundred thousand Indian and foreign tourists visit the park every year. To protect the environment, VMRDA has declared the hill a plastic-free zone.[3] A cable car connects to the top of the hill, the first of its kind in Andhra Pradesh.[4]



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