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Kain Rivers
Kain Rivers - живое выступление в программе "Вечерний Ургант", 2019-й год.jpg
Kain Rivers, special performing in the Evening Urgant Show, 2019
Background information
Birth nameKirill Dmitrievich Rogovets-Zakon
Also known asKain Rivers
Born (2004-06-25) June 25, 2004 (age 15)
Kiev, Ukraine
Origin Ukraine,  Russia
GenresEuropop, R&B
Years active2016–present
LabelsWarner Music Russia, Make It Music (part of Black Star Inc.), The Orchard

Kirill Dmitrievich Rogovets-Zakon, also known his stage name Kain Rivers (Russian: Кирилл Дмитриевич Роговец-Закон; born 25 June 2004) is a Ukrainian-Russian singer.


Kirill was born on 25 June 2004, in Kiev. His father is businessman and investor Dmitry Zakon, being also his producer.

Kirill started singing when he was three. He performs songs in Ukrainian, Russian, English, Spanish, and Chinese.[1]

In 2017, he became the semifinalist of the New Wave Junior 2017, the participant of the first season of The Battle of Talents reality show on the Muz-TV channel, as well as the nominee for the Kinder МУЗ Awards in the Singer of the Year category of the Muz-TV channel.[2] He took part in music festivals Atlas Weekend 2017,[3] Maiovka Live 2018 by Music 1 channel, NEXT Generation by KIDSFM radio, VK Fest, Video-Zhara, Bashka Kids Awards 2018 by Open Kids, FIFA Fan Fest 2018 in St. Petersburg,[4] and others.[5][6]

In 2018, Kirill became the semifinalist of the Chernomorskie Igry Festival in Skadovsk.[7] The winner of the people’s choice in the final of the national qualifying round of Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 from Ukraine with the song “Without Saying Goodbye”.[8][9][10] The semifinalist of the third season of the Ukrainian TV project The Voice Kids on 1+1 (TV channel) in the team of Potap.[11] The participant of the fifth season of the TV project The Voice Kids on the Channel One Russia in the team of Basta[disambiguation needed].[12][13][14] The winner of the Muz-Raskrutka Show on the Muz-TV channel.[15] In August 2018, Kirill released the debut album Star (Russian: «Звезда») containing 12 songs.[16] In the autumn of 2018, the second album Music and You (Russian: «Музыка и ты») was released.

In 2018, he starred in the lead role in the musical short film We Remember dedicated to the memory of The Holocaust.[17][18][19] The work was included in the list of permanent screenings of the Israeli National Holocaust Memorial (the Holocaust) and Heroism Yad Vashem.[20]

"We Remember" – is a musical film dedicated to the memory of the Holocaust. Release in Israel - April 11 27 Nisan on the Jewish calendar (April 12 of this year) Israel commemorates the Day of the Holocaust and Heroism in memory of the Jewish victims of Nazism during the World War II. Memorial Day: the concept of “memory” is fundamental here. Because if we forget, the history might repeat itself. One of the main goals of the Memorial Day is to tell people over and over again of what happened, tell younger generations so they wouldn’t forget and always remembered this. Just recently, a public interest group from Israel, Ukraine and Russia proposed to shoot a musical film "We Remember", dedicated to the memory of the Holocaust and the uprising in Sobibor, the 75th anniversary of which will be commemorated in October 2018. The film itself is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel. Film was created by: Dmitry Zakon – who has many years of experience in the field of journalism, television and music in Israel; the movie director - Ilya Tuz; operator - Oleg Vays; the author and composer from Israel: Stanislav Volsky and Kain Rivers (also Kirill Rogovets-Zakon) he is also a celebrity singer in the CIS countries, Kain performs songs in this film.

In reality this film was created by more than fifty people over one year period in Israel, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Latvia, England and Poland, millions of shekels were invested in its creation and these people have dedicated their work and time to the memory of the Holocaust and heroism of the Jewish people. The main idea of the film, as mentioned above, was not just preservation of the memory of the Holocaust, but to tell this story to the younger generation, who knows little about those terrible years, they hear about it once or twice a year, a little - at home, and, possibly, during their school trips to Poland. By involving young popular performer, film creators made an attempt to draw attention of young Jews to Holocaust, both on a global scale, and in Russia, CIS and Israel, to excite their curiosity about history of the Jewish people and their roots. The film was shot in countries associated with the horrible, savage events of the Holocaust - in Poland: Auschwitz, Sobibor, Majdanek, Treblinka, Chelmno and Belzec; in Ukraine: Babi Yar in Kiev; and Latvia: Salaspils. Part of the movie was filmed in Jerusalem - in the Yad Vashem Museum. Film creators used a technique, that nobody ever used before: a 13-year-old boy celebrating his bar mitzvah wearing a striped prisoner robe with dehumanizing inmate number on his arm was filmed near barbed wire fences, next to concentration camp barracks and furnaces. The movie was filmed virtually in all places related to horrors of the Holocaust, portraying the evidence of those monstrous atrocities. The song in this film was written by the Israeli composer Stanislav Volsky together with Arkady Dukhin and other famous musicians who have extensive experience in writing movie soundtracks.

Initially, this song was to become a soundtrack for the "Sobibor" film by Konstantin Khabensky, but eventually it was not chosen and became a main theme for this musical film, where it was performed by a 13-year-old boy. The film itself is based on the book: “Alexander Pechersky: Breakthrough to Immortality” which contains the memoirs of Alexander Aronovich Pechersky, a Red Army officer, the leader of the only successful uprising in the Sobibor death camp. The book also includes a poem “Luke” by Geilikman, which became a starting point to the international project in memory of the heroes of this insurrection. This book was compiled and prepared for publication by Ilya Vasiliev in 2013. The film will be shown in both Russian and English languages. The film is approximately 6 minutes long and, as its creators hope, will contribute to strengthening the memory of the Holocaust and the heroism of European Jews in Israel, CIS and globally. This film can shock. And the first shock, the first impression is amplified by music, vocals and a visual storyline. This is the main purpose of this film - to shock and to remind, amaze and to prevent this story from oblivion, especially for the younger generation, and to impact those who try to denounce the Holocaust. This is an art “bomb” comparable to the "Schindler's List" by Steven Spielberg.

There are plans to make this song a central musical theme of the International Holocaust Day, celebrated annually on January 27 - the day of the liberation of Auschwitz. This initiative was already supported by the WJC - the World Jewish Congress. The presentation of the film and the song will take place in Moscow and Kiev on the Victory Day with direct participation of Jewish communities and organizations. Destruction, devastation, piles of children's clothing, fires, barbed wire - all this is difficult to describe in words, as difficult as an attempt to describe scenes from this film. The first seconds of the film, the first sounds of music will captivate the audience.

In February 2019, his third album Wounded Beast (Russian: «Раненый зверь») was released. In April 2019, Kirill took part in the Evening Urgant show.[21] In April 2019, he gave a concert in the evening show Murzilki LIVE on AvtoRadio.[22] In 2019, Kirill recorded the song “Believe” feat Polina and DJs of Digital Farm Animals, as well as the song “Be My Nirvana” feat Filatov & Karas for the album Believe.

Songs performed by Kirill were ranked high on several charts.[23][24] He released over 50 videos.[25][26][27][28][29]



  • 2018 — Star (Russian: «Звезда») (Make It Music (part of Black Star Inc.), The Orchard)
  • 2018 — Music and You (Russian: «Музыка и ты») (Make It Music (part of Black Star Inc.), The Orchard)
  • 2019 — Wounded Beast (Russian: «Раненый зверь») (Make It Music (part of Black Star Inc.), The Orchard, Warner Music Group)
  • 2019 — Believe (Warner Music Group)


  • 2018 — The Beautiful Afar (Russian: «Прекрасное далеко») (Kain Rivers production)


  • 2017 — Море | Sea (Russian version)
  • 2017 — Посвящение | Dedication (Russian version)
  • 2017 — В небо | Into the Sky (Russian version)
  • 2017 — Снежная | Snowy (Russian version)
  • 2018 — We Remember
  • 2018 — Помним | We Remember (Russian version)
  • 2018 — 8 чудо | The 8th Wonder (Russian version) (ft. NEBO5)
  • 2018 — Ты пахнешь летом | You Smell Like Summer (Russian version)
  • 2018 — Сила | Power (Russian version)
  • 2018 — Ей со мной круто | She Feels Good Next to Me (Russian version)
  • 2018 — 冷心 | Frozen heart (Chinese version)
  • 2018 — 酒窝 I Dimples (Chinese version)
  • 2018 — Chupa Chups
  • 2018 — Были или нет | Were or Not (Russian version)
  • 2018 — Без прощання | Without Saying Goodbye (Ukrainian version)
  • 2018 — Жадно | Insatiably (Russian version)
  • 2018 — Океан | Ocean (Russian version)
  • 2018 — Сказочный сюжет | Fairy-Tale Story (Russian version) (ft. Dan & Muhammad)
  • 2018 — Раненый зверь | Wounded Beast (Russian version)
  • 2019 — To the sky
  • 2019 — Dying Without You
  • 2019 — Come Back
  • 2019 — Dreams
  • 2019 — Far Far Away
  • 2019 — I Am a Rebel
  • 2019 — Faded
  • 2019 — Without Saying Goodbye
  • 2019 — Believe
  • 2019 — Middle of the Night
  • 2019 — Moving Slowly
  • 2019 — Kind Of Love
  • 2019 — Te Amo


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