Kaiso Stories

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Kaiso Stories
Kaiso stories cover.jpeg
Studio album by
RecordedSeptember 8, 2010
StudioParkWest Studios, New York City
ProducerFay Victor
Other Dimensions In Music chronology
Live at the Sunset
Kaiso Stories

Kaiso Stories is an album by free jazz collective quartet Other Dimensions In Music featuring vocalist Fay Victor, which was recorded in 2010 and released on the Swedish Silkheart label. The album is a collection of improvised pieces with classic Calypso lyrics from Trinidad and Tobago. Kaiso is the precursor to the modern Calypso.[1]


The JazzTimes review by Lloyd Sachs notes that Fay Victor "reawakens cultural history, addressing political and religious topics as well as boy-girl and life-and-death themes with manic chants, raspy shouts and patois-inflected spoken recitations."[2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Maryanne Revisited" - 13:33
  2. "Three Friends Advised" - 15:24
  3. "Kitch Goes Home"- 7:36
  4. "Saltfish Refried" - 10:46
  5. "John Gilman Wants Tobacco" - 1:57
  6. "An Open Letter" - 10:02
  7. "De Night A De Wake"- 6:45
  8. "We Is We Trini" - 8:24