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District of Espoo
Location of Kaitaa within Espoo
Location of Kaitaa within Espoo
Coordinates: 60°09′N 24°42′E / 60.150°N 24.700°E / 60.150; 24.700Coordinates: 60°09′N 24°42′E / 60.150°N 24.700°E / 60.150; 24.700
Country Finland
Municipality Espoo
Region Uusimaa
Sub-region Greater Helsinki
Main District Suur-Espoonlahti
Inner District(s) Ali-Suomenoja, Bondaksenmäki, Finnoonlahti, Finnoonniitty, Hannuksenpelto, Hannusjärvi, Hyljelahti, Hyljemäki, Iivisniemi, Kaitamäki, Suomenoja, Yli-Suomenoja
Population (2006)
 • Total 6,043
 • Finnish 86.4 %
 • Swedish 9.2 %
 • Other 4.4 %
Jobs 1,519

Kaitaa (Finnish) or Kaitans (Swedish) is a district of southern Espoo, Finland, located south of the Länsiväylä highway, with a population of 6000.

Kaitaa mostly consists of detached houses, and contains the Hannusjärvi recreational area. There as been a preservation attempt in May 1998 to save the future of the lake.

In the southern part of the district is the Iivisniemi apartment building area.

Espoo plans high buildings along the coast-line.[1] Juridical court in Espoo (käräjäoikeus) judged Olavi Louko from bribes from construction companies in 26.5.2011.[2] Thereafter, he has continued in his position as before. His son Antti Louko sells large construction units, hotels, shopping centers etc., since 2005.[3]

Notable natives[edit]


There are three schools in the Iivisniemi-Kaitaa area. The Iivisniemi school contains classes 1-6 and the Kaitaa school contains classes 7-9. The Kaitaa gymnasium provides marticulatory tuition. Part of the student places in the Kaitaa school and the Kaitaa gymnasium have been reserved for students emphasising on visual art tuition.


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