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The Kaitai-Shin Show (解体新ショー Kaitai Shin Shō?) is a Japanese TV program broadcast on NHK General TV which had been broadcast since 2007 until 2009.


This program is about the human body. This program started on 2006 as a segment on Bangumi Tamago, hosted by Yumiko Udō, an announcer of NHK, and Lasa-R Ishii. It started regular broadcasting, hosted by Taichi Kokubun and Yuka Kubota, an announcer of NHK Shizuoka (Kubota transferred to Tokyo on March 2008), on April 14, 2007. Two comedians present information about the human body and professors support their presentation and also explain it. The audiences judge which presentation is easy to understand or interesting. The broadcasting finished on March 13, 2009.