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Kaitek (alternatively Kaitek Labs) is a Chilean biotech company focused on the development of bacterial sensors for environmental monitoring. It was founded in 2013 by Emilia Díaz. Current partners are: Emilia Díaz, Cristóbal Aller and Felipe Varea.[1]


Even though Kaitek was founded in July 2013, the company's first project RTDK started its development in 2012, where it was chosen as one of the winners of a nationwide entrepreneurship competition.[2] During the project's pre-development phase, Emilia was joined by Cristóbal Aller and Felipe Varea as partners of Kaitek. In December 2013, the company received a development grant from Corfo, the Chilean Economic Development Agency, to complete the research and development of their proposed project.[3] The project has been awarded many prizes both in national and international contests, including BYU’s “IBMC” (USA, 2015),[4] AAAS’s “GIST” (Morocco, 2014),[5] Copec-UC’s “Aplica tu idea” (Chile, 2014),[6] Emprende UC’s “Jump” (Chile, 2012)[7] totaling over U$D 50K in prize money in three years .


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