Nishitetsu Kaizuka Line

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Nishitetsu Kaizuka Line
Kaizuka Line 600 series train
Termini Kaizuka
Nishitetsu Shingū
Stations 10
Opened 23 May 1927 (1927-05-23)
Owner Nishi-Nippon Railroad
Depot(s) Tatara
Line length 11.0 km (6.8 mi)
Track gauge 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Electrification 1,500 V DC
Route map
Fukuoka City SubwayHakozaki Line
Kagoshima Main Line
0.0 Kaizuka
Old Tatara Station
1.4 Najima
2.5 Chihaya
Nishitetsu Chihaya
3.0 Kashii-Miyamae
3.6 Nishitetsu Kashii
Kashii Line
5.0 Kashii-Kaenmae
6.1 Tōnoharu
7.2 Wajiro
Kashii Line
9.0 Mitoma
11.0 Nishitetsu Shingū
↓Closed in 2007
13.0 Koga-Golfjomae
14.2 Nishitetsu-Koga
15.6 Hanami
18.2 Nishitetsu-Fukuma
19.6 Miyajidake(1) -1951
Miyajidake Eik-mae
19.5 Miyajidake(2) 1951-
20.9 Tsuyazaki

The Kaizuka Line (貝塚線, Kaizuka-sen) is an 11.0 km (6.8 mi) Japanese railway line in Fukuoka prefecture, run by the private railway operator Nishitetsu. It links Kaizuka Station in Higashi-ku, Fukuoka with Nishitetsu Shingū Station in Shingū. It connects to the Kashii Line of JR Kyushu at Wajiro, and the Hakozaki Line of Fukuoka City Subway at Kaizuka.

The line was 20.9 km (13.0 mi) long until Nishitetsu closed the 9.9 km section between Nishitetsu Shingū and Tsuyazaki stations on April 1, 2007.[1] Until then, the line was called Miyajidake Line (宮地岳線, Miyajidake-sen).

Station list[edit]

Station name Distance (km) Connections Location
NK 01 Kaizuka 0.0 Fukuoka City Subway: Hakozaki Line Higashi-ku, Fukuoka Fukuoka Prefecture
NK 02 Najima 1.4  
NK 03 Nishitetsu Chihaya 2.5 Kagoshima Main Line (Chihaya Station)
NK 04 Kashii-Miyamae 3.0  
NK 05 Nishitetsu Kashii 3.6  
NK 06 Kashii-Kaenmae 5.0  
NK 07 Tōnoharu 6.1  
NK 08 Wajiro 7.2 Kashii Line
NK 09 Mitoma 9.0  
NK 10 Nishitetsu Shingū 11.0   Shingū


The Hakata Bay Railway opened the 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) gauge Shinhakata to Wajiro line in 1924, and extended the line to Miyajidake the following year. The line was electrified at 1,500 V DC in 1929. The company merged with the Nishi-Nippon Railway in 1942. The 1 km section from Miyajidake to Tsuyazaki opened in 1951, and in 1954 the line was re-gauged to 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in) and connected to the Fukuoka line.[citation needed]

The line was grade separated over the JR Kashii Line at Wajiro Station in 1966, and CTC signalling was commissioned in 1978.[citation needed]

In 1986, the Shinhakata to Kaizuka section was closed and replaced by the Fukuoka City Subway Hakozaki Line.

In 2007, the 10 km Nishitetsu Shingū to Tsuyazaki section closed due to declining patronage.


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