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Not to be confused with Kajiado County.

Kajiado is a town in Kajiado County, Kenya.[1] The town is located 80 kilometres south of Nairobi, along the Nairobi – Arusha highway (A104 road). Kajiado has an urban population of 8128 (1999 census)[2] Local people are predominantly of the Maasai tribe.

Kajiado is headquarters to Kajiado County.

The name "Kajiado" comes from the word "Orkejuado." Which means "The Long River" in Maasai language. The seasonal river named after the town runs west of the town.

The original name for Kajiado was "Olopurupurana", which means "a round elevation."


Kajiado has a station on the Magadi Soda Railway line which runs from Konza (on the Mombasa line) to Magadi. However this line operates limited passenger services, the most convenient way to travel to Kajiado from Nairobi is by using a matatu.

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Coordinates: 01°51′S 36°47′E / 1.850°S 36.783°E / -1.850; 36.783