Kakani Venkata Ratnam

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Kakani Venkata Ratnam was a former Cabinet Minister in Andhra Pradesh in India.[1][2]


He was born in Akunuru, Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh.[citation needed] He died of a heart attack on December 25, 1972 at the height of Jai Andhra movement.[3]

There is a statue commemorating him in the BENZ circle of Viajaywada. There is also a library in his name in Vijayawada on Bandar road. There is also a marriage function hall in Hanuman Junction. His statues are present at Vizag and in Tanuku Andhra Sugar factory as well.

He was a great leader, who died of heart attack out of grieg of hearing the news of police firing of students who died in the Jai Andhra movement. His death was on the same day as India's ex president C.Rajagaoplachary. His death ceremony was performed with state rituals attended by the then Prime Minister and other national leaders.


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