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KakaoPage (Korean카카오페이지; RRKakaoPeiji) is a monetized content platform optimized for mobile devices, launched by the Kakao Corp.[1][2] The service launched on April 9, 2013, as a digital content marketplace allowing brands and individuals to create and distribute visual, audio and written content such as manwha and genre fiction.


KakaoPage was deemed a failure by mid-2013, but after adding The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor and several other popular works, the service bounced back. By April 21, 2014, they started their free webtoon and web fiction service. In 2014, they announced that they would add over a 100 different webtoon series before the year was out.[3]

Any individual can create content and upload it to KakaoPage and sell it directly to other consumers on the platform. The total revenue for any sale is distributed as, 30% to Google Play, 20% to Kakao and remaining 50% to the publisher.[4]


KakaoPage currently owns 19.8 percent of Haksan Publishing, 22.2 percent of Seoul Media Comics and 19.8 percent of Daewon C.I., all of them publishers of comics.[5] It also owns 21.9 percent of stocks in drama production company Mega Monster, which is a subsidiary of its sister company Kakao M.[6]

In 2018, the company acquired Neobazar, Indonesia's top webtoon platform company, for 13.8 billion won.[7]

In the media[edit]

In 2017, actor Park Bo-gum became KakaoPage's first brand ambassador and has since appeared in print, digital and visual media advertisements for the brand.[8][9]


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