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Rukirabasaija Kakende Nyamuyonjo was Omukama of the Kingdom of Toro from 1875 until 1876 and from 1879 until 1880. He was the eighth (8th) Omukama of Bunyoro.

Claim to the throne[edit]

Married life[edit]

No mention of his married life is made in the available literature.


It is not known how many children were fathered by Omukama Kakende, or who those children were.

His reign[edit]

1875–1876 and 1879–1880 Omukama Kakende was raised to the throne in 1995 following the flight of his older brother, Rububi Kyebambe II, with the help of an invading army from Buganda. However, when the army left Toro in 1876, Omukama Kakende left with them. He returned with another army from Buganda in 1879 and deposed his brother Rububi Kyebambe II. He ruled until 1880.

The final years[edit]

In 1880, Toro was invaded by an army from Bunyoro. The invaders expelled Omukama Kakende, who first took refuge in Ankole and later in Buganda. Omukama Kakende died from smallpox in Buganda, prior to 1885. He was buried there.[1]

Succession table:First time[edit]

Preceded by
Rububi Kyebambe II
Omukama of Toro
Succeeded by

Succession table:Second time[edit]

Preceded by
Rububi Kyebambe II
Omukama of Toro
Succeeded by
Daudi Kasagama Kyebambe III

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