Kaki Kitai

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Kaki Kitai
Directed by Azaromi Ghazali
Produced by Mejar (K) David Teo
Starring Shaheizy Sam
Farid Kamil
Fezrul Khan
Along Eyzendy
Epy Kodiang
Adam Corrie
Emily Chan
Zalif Sidek
Faith Zakie
MIG Pictures Sdn. Bhd
Release date
20 November 2014
Running time
83 Minit
Country Malaysia
Language Bahasa Malaysia
Box office RM0.55 billion

Kaki Kitai is a Malaysian action comedy feature film. For the film MiG pictures featured actors Shaheizy Sam, Fezrul Khan, Farid Kamil, Adam Corrie, Along Eyzendy, and Epy Kodiang, Emily Chan as well as Zalif Sidek, Faith Zakie and Your.


Tell about 2 Grenggo / Din friends (Shaheizy Sam) & Ayoi (Fezrul Khan) who are less astute coming from the village and trying to act smartly. Din is also 3 years living in Kuala Lumpur. The story begins when Din welcomes Ayoi who just arrived from the village at the bus station. They unintentionally interrupted the operation of the policemen who were on duty and had provoked the Farid Inspector (Farid Kamil). Farid's coincidence is a good friend of Din & Ayoi while in school. There were only those who had been disturbed by the work of Inspector Farid until he was reprimanded by the superior.[1]


  • Shaheizy Sam as Din/Grenggo
  • Fezrul Khan as Ayoi
  • Farid Kamil as Inspektor Farid
  • Along Eyzendy as Murad
  • Epy Kodiang as Inspektor Aepul
  • Emily Chan as Mimi
  • Adam Corrie as Brenggo
  • Zalif Sidek as Zaki

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