Cocanada AC Express

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Cocanada AC Express
Cocanada AC Express 04.jpg
Service type Superfast Train
Status Operating
Locale Andhra Pradesh Telangana
First service 09 Dec 2012
Current operator(s) South Central Railway, Indian Railways
Start Secunderabad Junction
Stops 09
End Kakinada
Distance travelled 589 km (366 mi)
Average journey time 10 hours, 35 minutes
Service frequency

Tri-weekly Monday's, Wednesday's & Friday's From SC-CCT

Sunday's, Tuesday's & Thursday's From CCT-SC
On-board services
Class(es) AC Sleeper 1st,2nd&3rd
Seating arrangements Indian Rail standard
Sleeping arrangements Yes
Catering facilities Catering available
Observation facilities Large windows in all carriages, cleanliness
Baggage facilities Below the seats
Rolling stock Two
Track gauge Broad (1,676 mm)
Electrification 5,350 hp (3,989 kW)
Operating speed 55 km/h (Average)
Route map
Cocanada AC Express (Kakinada - Secunderabad) Route map.jpg

The Kakinada – Secunderabad AC Express[1] is a superfast tri-weekly train announced in the 2012–13 Railway Budget by Dinesh Trivedi, the then Minister of Indian Railways, connecting Secunderabad to Kakinada Town. AC Express was proposed to run via Bhimavaram Town and Vijayawada Junction.


The rakes comprise 10 Third AC (3A), 5 Second AC (2A), 1 First class (1A) and 2 EOG cars.

Cocanada express gets Vijayawada based WDM3A from Kakinada Town to Vijayawada as the route is partially electrified and Lallaguda WAP4/WAP7, Vijayawada WAM4/WAP4 Depending upon availability of Electric Locomotive from Vijayawada to Secunderabad.


South-west (Now Sarpavaram) of Kakinada was full of ponds filled with red lotus which is called as Kokanadamu in Telugu. Eventually it became Cocanada. Hence the train is named after the Kakinada's erstwhile name. This train was named as Cocanada Express on 14 December 2012.


12775 was earlier scheduled to depart Kakinada Town at 22:15 and to reach Secunderabad at 08:50. In return 12776 was scheduled to depart Secunderabad at 21:15 and to arrive at 07:45. At the time of introduction these timings were changed.