Kakinada Municipal Corporation

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Kakinada Municipal Corporation
Sunkara Pavani Tirumala Kumar
Kakinada Municipal corporation

Kakinada Municipal Corporation is the civic body of Kakinada in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.[1]


The jurisdiction of the corporation is spread over an area of 30.51 km2 (11.78 sq mi) and the population as per the 2011 Census of India was 312,538.[2] It started to expand from 1920, when it was only 20.31 km2 (7.84 sq mi) and the population was just over 50,000. The urban agglomeration area of Kakinada is spread over an area of 57.36 km2 (22.15 sq mi). The urban agglomeration constituents includes the areas of Kakinada municipal corporation, census towns of Chidiga, Ramanayyapeta, Suryaraopeta and the out growths of Ganganapalle, Sarpavaram, Vakalapudi and Turangi.[3][4]


The corporation is administered by an elected body, headed by the Mayor. The present commissioner of the corporation is Sri. K Ramesh.[5]


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