Kakita River

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Kakita River
Kakita River 20120819.jpg
Native name 柿田川
Country Japan
Physical characteristics
Length 1.2 km (0.75 mi)
Kakitagawa springs, source of the Kakita river

The Kakita River (柿田川?, Kakita-gawa) is a river flowing through the town of Shimizu in the Suntō District, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.

The Kakita River is a tributary of the Kano River. At only 1.2 km (1 mi), it is the shortest Class 1 River in Japan.[1]

Most of the river's source water comes from springs created by rainfall and melting snow on Mount Fuji. Therefore, the temperature of the river is around 15 °C throughout the year. The river is also known as the only habitat of Mishima-baikamo (ja:ミシマバイカモ). The area around the springs is protected as a park (Kakita River Park (柿田川公園?, Kakita-gawa Kōen) by the Shimizu town government.

Also, famous for being a clear-flowing river, the Kakita River has been named one of the "Three Clear-Flowing Rivers in Japan", along with the Nagara River in Gifu Prefecture and the Shimanto River in Kōchi Prefecture.


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35°05′54″N 138°54′01″E / 35.09827°N 138.900333°E / 35.09827; 138.900333Coordinates: 35°05′54″N 138°54′01″E / 35.09827°N 138.900333°E / 35.09827; 138.900333 (flow into Kano River)