Kakolat Falls

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Kakolat Falls
ककोलत जलप्रपात
Waterfall Kakolat.jpg
Kakolat Falls
Location Kakolat, Nawada district, Bihar,  India
Coordinates 24°41′59″N 85°37′42″E / 24.69972°N 85.62833°E / 24.69972; 85.62833
Type Cataract, Segmented
Elevation 160 feet (50 m)
Total height 150 feet
Number of drops 1
Longest drop 163 feet

Kakolat is the name of a waterfall located in the Nawada district of Bihar, India.


Kakolat waterfall a stunning little hidden wonder of nature, situated on the beautiful Kakolat hill, located on the border of Bihar and Jharkhand, just 33 km from Nawada. This is one of the most visited and renowned Bihar getaway, where tourists come from all over the state and adjoining areas to witness the sheer beauty of Mother Nature cascading marvelously. The Kakolat waterfall of Bihar cascades down from a height of between 150 and 160 feet and forms a natural reservoir at the base of the waterfall. Good fall in bihar

Legends are also associated with the Kakolat waterfall such as, a Treta Yug king was cursed to take the shape of a python and live at the falls here, by a Hindu spiritualist. The place was then visited by the Pandavas during their exile and it was during that time that the python king got rid of the curse, and he proclaimed that any person who bathed in the waterfall would never be reborn as a snake.

Kakolat waterfall has become an increasingly popular tourist attraction in Bihar, where huge crowds can be seen during summers for weekend picnics. This waterfall also boats a wide variety of watersports and fun in the water. Apart from its significance as a tourist destination, the Kakolat waterfall is also widely visited at the time when a big fair is held on an occasion of bishua or chait Sankranti. This is basically a religious event accompanied with a three-day mela, where many devotees take their bath in the waterfall. The Kakolat waterfall has great historical and mythological significance. The waterfall is located near Govindpur police station, about 33 km away from Nawada, on Kakolat Hill. Below the falls there is a deep natural reservoir.[1]

The fall is approximately 160 feet (49 m) in height. The scene is panoramic due to all-round green forest area.[2] Kakolat Fall is a popular tourist spot in Bihar. During the summer, people from all over India come to the falls for picnics.

Role in Indian mythology[edit]

According to legend, during the Treta Yuga epoch a king was cursed by a rishi and had to take the shape of a python and lived in Kakolat. The place was visited by the great Pandavas during their exile and the accursed king got salvation from damnation. The king after getting rid of the curse proclaimed that one who would bath in the waterfall will not take the yoni of snake, and that is why a large number of people from far and near bathe in the falls.[citation needed]

A large festival is held at Kakolat on the occasion of Baisakhi or Chait Shankranti.