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Kala Khel is a clan of Tirah Adam Khel. Adam Khel is a sub-tribe of Afridi that has originated from the Karlanee or Karlani group of Pashtuns. The Kala Khel clan of Tirah Adam Khel inhabits in FR Peshawar region[1] and in Tirah Valley. It can be found on Google Maps at 33.728623N,71.55256E and Tirah valley of Khyber agency at 33.73N, 71.01E.

The Kala Khel of FR Peshawar borders Frontier Region Kohat to south, Ali khel and Pareedi to east, Akhorwal to west and Peshawar district to east, while the Kala Khel of Tirah valley borders Orakzi to south, Shalobar to east, Bhattan and Bar Qamber Khel to west and Malikdin Khel to east. The location of Kala Khel in FR Peshawar is also known as Ocha lagada.

The Assistant Political Agent of Bara subdivision of Khyber Agency looks after the matters of Kala Khel due to its presence in Tirah valley. The Political Agent of Khyber Agency is also the administrative head who has great authority and control. The overall administration of FATA is run by FATA Secretariat based in Peshawar, the capital of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

People and race[edit]

As a sub-clan of Tirah Adam Khel, all inhabitants of Kala Khel ethnically are Afridi Pakhtoons.[2] The Afridis have originated from the Karlanee or Karlani group of Pashtuns.


  1. Palosai
  2. Chorlaka
  3. Gorrow Kalli, Payan Kalli
  4. Attare
  5. sharja kali
  6. Haspatal Chowk


The area of Kala Khel of FR Peshawar is hilly with average heights of over 1,000 m (3,300 ft) above sea level. Gorgora, Palosa, Olive trees can be seen on hills almost amounting to forest.

The area of Kala Khel of Tirah valley is also mountainous, with average heights of some 2,500m (8,000 ft) above sea level. Higher still are the blue pines; but below on the shelving plains are nothing but fruit trees.


Islam is the only religion of the people here. All are Sunni Muslim and follower of the Hanafi thought of School ( Fiqah ).

Places to visit[edit]

  1. Grand Central Mosque (Jumma Jummat)
  2. Saaoke (famous hilly site for picnic)
  3. Khro Taalao (lake like site for picnic)
  4. Mangoti (famous picnic spot)
  5. G.H.S Jaffar Khan (High School)
  6. Mountains (Manza & Gorro hills)
  7. Gorrow Kalli (cave houses)
  8. Sara Khwra (famous picnic spot)
  9. Peerwaray (famous picnic spot)
  10. Gheedar Colony
  11. Haji Barkath Kaly
  12. Haji Said Anwar Marhoom Kaly
  13. Alhaj Saddar Khan Madin Afridi (Late) s/o Khayal Din Afridi (Late) Kaly
  14. The Green Field in village Palosa Khail Gul (Marhoom) Kaly


Pashtu or Pukhto is spoken as a mother language here, but English and Urdu are also known to the people due to a decent literacy rate of the area.


Education is on the priority list of the Kala Khel people. The young generation is very keen to get quality education. For this great purpose, the government has established 4 primary, 1 high school for boys and 3 primary, 1 high school for girls. Apart from government schools, private schools have also been set up to control the deficiency of schools due to the high ratio of enrollments. The Khyber Agency has the highest ratio of literacy rate compared to other agencies of FATA.

Around 80% of the young generation is well versed with computers and are proficient in Information Technology domain. One of the leading scholars in the domain of Information Technology is Allauddin Afridi. He started the first Computer Center in the village with the help of Pakistan Youth Organization under the name Pakistan Computer Center. Later on, he established an American English Center as well.

  1. Govt. High School, Jaffer Khan Kalay
  2. Govt. Primary School, Jaffer Khan Kalay
  3. Govt Girls Primary School, Nawab Khan Kalay
  4. Hamdard Model School
  5. Al Khidmat Model School, Rahamdin Kalay
  6. Kala Khel Model School

Famous Persons of Kala Khel[edit]

1. Jafar Khan: First MALAK of Kala Khel

2. Hakeem Khan: Second MALAK of Kala Khel

3. Haji Payo Gul, First Chairman of United Committee of Kala Khel

4. Haji Barkat Shah Afridi: (founder of united committee of Kala Khel and also a great rural lawyer. He established and maintained many development projects in Kala Khel e.g. schools, nursery hospitals and is a recently founder of hilly highway road to Pareedi.

5. Said Amin (son of Haji Barkat Shah): Current mayor of Union Council of Kala Khel and Sherkera.

6. Muhammad Khan (aka. Mama): (leader of Ethihad town karachi)

8. Muhammad Yaqoob: ex-President of United Committee of Kala Khel

8. Muhammad Khan: ex-President of United Committee of Kala Khel

10. Lal Ghandal: Famous rural lawyer

11. Muhammad Ameer: President Pak Youth Organisation

12. Alhaj Saddar Khan Madin Afridi (Late): Leader Of Karachi Harbor and Dock Workers Union of KDLB


Agriculture is the main but small source of livelihood here. Almost all kinds of crops are grown here due to fertility of the land. Some people here are government employed like teachers, doctors and clerks. But the majority of people earn by working overseas. Wheat, maize, tobacco, sugar-cane and all kinds of vegetables are the main crops here.


Nature has bestowed Federally Administered Tribal Areas with a great potential of natural resources like coal, gas, forests and other minerals. A large reservoir of coal has been discovered in Kala Khel in recent past. Mining is in progress to exploit this natural resource. It can play a vital role in uplift of economic condition of the people and area. The people have taken great interest in mining. Scientific and latest methods are being used to take advantage of this reservoir.

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