Kala Oya

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Kala Oya
Kala Oya is located in Sri Lanka
Kala Oya
Physical characteristics
 • locationDambulla
MouthPalk Strait
 • location
 • coordinates
08°17′41″N 79°50′23″E / 8.29472°N 79.83972°E / 8.29472; 79.83972Coordinates: 08°17′41″N 79°50′23″E / 8.29472°N 79.83972°E / 8.29472; 79.83972
 • elevation
Sea level
Length148 km (92 mi)
Basin size2,873 km2 (1,109 sq mi)

The Kala Oya is the third longest river in Sri Lanka. It is approximately 145 km (90 mi) in length. The river has a basin size of 2,873 km2 (1,109 sq mi),[1] and more than 400,000 rural population live by the river basin.[2]

Its catchment area receives approximately 3,169 million cubic metres of rain per year, and approximately 5 percent of the water reaches the sea. It has a catchment area of 1,792 square kilometers.[3]

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