Kalachi, Kazakhstan

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Kalachi is located in Kazakhstan
Coordinates: 52°14′50″N 66°31′43″E / 52.24722°N 66.52861°E / 52.24722; 66.52861Coordinates: 52°14′50″N 66°31′43″E / 52.24722°N 66.52861°E / 52.24722; 66.52861
Country  Kazakhstan
Region Akmola Region
Population (2014)
 • Total 680

Kalachi (Kazakh: Кaлaчи, also romanised as Kalachevskiy)[1] is a rural locality in Esil District of Akmola Region, Kazakhstan.[2] In 2014, it was reported that almost a fifth of the population had been affected with a 'sleep syndrome'.[3] [4] In January 2015, reports said that over half of the village's population planned to move elsewhere.[5] It was later determined that increased carbon monoxide levels from a nearby abandoned mine had caused oxygen levels in the town to fall.[6]


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