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Kalapodi (Greek: Καλαπόδι) is a village in the Lokroi municipality, Phthiotis, Central Greece. The name also denotes an archaeological site ca. 1 km east of the village, where an ancient sanctuary was discovered. Cult activity here seems to have begun in the late Bronze Age and continued without break into the historical period. The last attested use phase of the sanctuary dates to Imperial Roman times. Recent excavations by the German Archaeological Institute in Athens have identified this as the site of the oracular sanctuary of Apollo at Abae (q.v.).

Finds from the site are published in a monograph series edited by the German Archaeological Institute; so far, two volumes have appeared, covering ceramic and metal finds from the sanctuary.[1]

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Coordinates: 38°38′3″N 22°53′6″E / 38.63417°N 22.88500°E / 38.63417; 22.88500