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Izhevsk State Technical University
Ижевский Государственный Технический Университет (ИжГТУ)
Izhevsk State Technical University
RectorValery Pavlovich Grakhov
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WebsiteIzhevsk State Technical University

Izhevsk State Technical University (Ижевский Государственный Технический Университет) is a university in Izhevsk, Russia. The university can be abbreviated as IzhSTU (ИжГТУ). It was founded in 1952 in the period of intensive industrial development when there was an increasing demand in highly qualified engineers, capable of managing production processes. On the date of its 60th anniversary it was named after the legendary small arms designer Mikhail Kalashnikov.

At present Kalashnikov ISTU is a leading higher educational institution in the region and one of the leading technical schools in Russia, a training center of engineers and academics.

Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University is a signatory of Magna Charta Universitatum in Bologna, Italy and a full member of European University Association (EUA). 6 bachelor and 1 master study programs of Kalashnikov ISTU have been accredited by Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (ZEvA), Hannover, Germany with the possibility to issue internationally recognized diploma supplements.

Kalashnikov ISTU has 5 branches in towns of Udmurt Republic and neighboring regions, namely: Votkinsk, Sarapul, Glazov, Kambarka and Tchaikovsky.


Kalashnikov provides educational services in 49 programs of bachelor studies, 38 programs of master studies, 8 specialties of higher professional education, 48 specialties of PhD and 18 specialties of Doctoral studies, 16 programs of secondary professional education, 1 program of primary professional education, as well as the programs of supplementary education (skill-update courses and professional retraining, additional qualification “Professional Translator”, courses for prospective students). Currently Kalashnikov ISTU educates over 20,000 students, among them more than 100 international students. The classes and research works are conducted in 8 buildings, the new one opened on 1 September 2009.

Over 760 lecturers are involved in the teaching process, 114 of them are Doctors of Science and/or Professors, 379 – Candidates of Science (PhD) and/or Associate Professors.

Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University has been constantly developing its international relations. Academic mobility programs are implemented and promoted.

For over 60 years more than 65,000 engineers have been trained at Kalashnikov ISTU. There are 9 specialized Academic Councils for PhD and DSc degrees here.


At present ISTU comprises 11 faculties and 1 institute, they are:

  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Institute of Modern Technologies in Mechanical and Automotive Engineering and Metallurgy
  • Faculty of Instrumentation Engineering
  • Faculty of Computer Science
  • Faculty of Engineering and Economics
  • Faculty of Law and Humanities
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering
  • Faculty of Quality Management
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • Faculty of Heat Engineering
  • Faculty of Advertising and Design
  • Tikhonov Institute of Physical Training and Sports


Scientific schools have been organized in the field of strength, reliability, complex automation, CAD systems, computer science, chemical technology, testing of complex machinery. The university scientific schools direct their efforts to solve the basic problems of machine-building, instrument-making industries, computer science and ecology. Researchers of Kalashnikov ISTU successfully participate in grant and scholarship programs together with colleagues from partner universities both local and foreign.

The university has all modern facilities to assist students in their studies and research. Over 2,500 PCs and workstations of Kalashnikov ISTU are combined into over 80 LANs linked to Internet via the university Internet-portal.

In the frameworks of innovative activities the electronic library of Kalashnikov ISTU, that currently comprises over 500,000 entries, was implemented and successfully functions. In virtual laboratories of the university young specialists can do research, as well as exchange information with their colleagues all over the world via Internet.

University programs to train bachelors, engineers, masters, candidates and doctors

Bachelor program (BSc) – full-time 4-year study, part-time 4.5-year studyEngineer program (E) – full-time 5-year study, part-time 5.5-year study

Master program (MSc) – full-time 2-year study, part-time 2.5-year study following the bachelor's degree

Candidate program (PhD) includes theoretical study and research. The PhD students pass exams and work on their PhD theses. The graduates are awarded a PhD degree after a full-time three-year course or a part-time four-year course

Doctor program (DSc) follows the PhD degree. Those qualifying for a DSc degree work on their theses according to individual plans. They are granted a DSc degree after defending a doctoral thesis


Kalashnikov ISTU library was founded in 1952. It is the largest technical library in the Udmurt Republic. Its role in educational process – to assist the university in educational activities and research, in training highly skilled specialists and education humanization.

Today the library consists of 12 departments, 2 branches and 22 departmental offices. It contains material and information relevant to the whole range of courses at the university. Over 20,000 users annually get over 800,000 copies of scientific books, textbooks and teaching aids, on CDs as well, and over 300 titles of periodicals. Every day the library serves nearly 1,000 readers in 6 circulation departments, 7 reading rooms, 3 computer rooms.

The electronic catalog of the library comprises 14 databases with over 500,000 entries. The library LAN is integrated into the university network with Internet access. The readers can use the information services center with DED (document electronic delivery) sector and get access to dissertation database, as well as to operate copying machines, scanners and printers.

The library staff is 60 persons providing informational and bibliographical, as well as cultural and educational services. They actively participate in workshops and conferences in Izhevsk and neighboring regions. The work of the library is aimed at the support of educational process and researches with modern information resources and potential development.

Campus Life[edit]

The university campus is located in picturesque outskirts of Izhevsk near the park and forestry area. It comprises 8 educational buildings, 6 students’ hostels, palace of culture “Integral”, health center, polyclinic, stadium, swimming pool, etc. The students live in comfortable hostels with cooking and laundry facilities, where they can work in computer rooms, as well as relax after studies. They have their meals in the hostels, and canteens and snack bars on campus.

There are vast opportunities to improve health, as well as to go in for sports. Health services for students and employees are provided by the university polyclinic and health center. There is also a sports center for 100 persons located in the pine forest outside Izhevsk on the bank of the river Kama with 16 summer houses and 1 winter house. It also has a canteen providing 3 meals a day, sport grounds for football, volleyball, basketball and badminton, as well as a sauna.

Health services for students and employees are provided by the university polyclinic. The university has its own health center for 100 persons.

Kalashnikov ISTU has all the necessary sporting facilities for students and employees: sport halls, tennis court, stadium, ski center, gyms, aerobics halls, a brand new swimming pool and sauna. Sport days and various competitions form an integral part of students’ life. Every year on May 2–9 the run organized by Kalashnikov ISTU and Belorussian National Technical University dedicated to the Victory Day is held.

There is also a Palace of Culture “Integral” for entertainment. It houses the well-known university municipal theatre “Young Man” – the winner of many competitions and festivals, rock-club “Integral”, jazz band, vocal studio “Rec.time”. It hosts many students’ amusement festivities as well, such as intellectual and entertaining games Balda, multiple faculty parties and discos. In estate-museum of Peter Tchaikovsky in Votkinsk a cultural and educational center of Kalashnikov ISTU has been founded.


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