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Alternative names Kalthappam
Course Dessert
Place of origin India
Region or state North Malabar
Created by Uthara Malabar
Main ingredients Rice flour, coconut, shallots, jaggery, cashew nut
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Kalathappam (also known as kalthappam) is a North Malabar, especially Kannur and Kasaragod, Kalthappa by Beary Muslims of Mangalore

Is a rice cake or delicacy made of ground rice (brown rice), water, coconut oil, jaggery sugar, fried onions or shallots, coconut flakes, cardamom powder. It is cooked in a pan like a pancake or baked in a traditional oven or even a rice cooker.


The traditional Kasaragodian way of cooking kalthappam is a bit different from other places. The batter of rice, coconut flakes, onions, cardamom and water is poured into hot oil in a traditional utensil called uruli. Metal is placed over the uruli over which fire is placed in coconut shells. It is heated from above and below. This makes a crunchy shell all over.[1]

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