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Maulana Syed Kalbe Abid Naqvi (مولانا سيد كلب عابد نقوى) was a mujtahid from Lucknow, India who preached Shia Islam and came from a family of scholars known as "Khandaan-e-Ijtehad", notably Syed Dildar Ali Nasirabadi, also known as Ghufran Ma'ab. His father was Syed Kalbe Hussain and grandfather Syed Aqa Hasan. His son, Syed Kalbe Jawad is also a scholar and the chief of the Shia population in Lucknow, India. He died in 1986 after being involved in a car crash while on his way to read a majlis. He earned respect from people of all walks of life and different religions. His death called for one of the biggest mourning gatherings of Lucknow ever. He was highly regarded by people of all faiths for his excellence in understanding of religion. His final 10 set of majlises which he read in Imambara Ghufran Ma'ab in 1986 has been entitled "Majlis-e-Azeem".[1]


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