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Course Dessert
Place of origin Turkey
Main ingredients Flour, oil
Cookbook: Hurma,Kalburabastı  Media: Hurma,Kalburabastı

Kalburabastı (sometimes spelled Kalbura bastı[1]) or Kalburabasma[citation needed] (Turkish, also known as Hurmašice or Hurme in the Balkans), and sometimes also known under the name of Hurma, are Turkish syrup-drenched pastries[2] that have a riddled appearance. They are featured among the favorite specialities that are prepared for the three-day Candy Holiday (Şeker Bayramı in Turkish) that follows the holy month of Ramazan.

This Ottoman Turkish treat has a very similar variation of it ("Hurmašice" or "Hurme") which can be found in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

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