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Beef caldereta.jpg
Beef kaldereta with rice.
Course Main course
Place of origin Philippines
Region or state Luzon, Southern Tagalog
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredients Goat shoulders, corn oil, onion, garlic, carrots, bell pepper, potatoes, chili, flour, liver spread, tomato paste, butter, stock (beef or brown)
Variations Beef, pork, chicken
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Kaldereta, also referred to as caldereta,[1][2] is a popular dish in the Philippines, especially on Luzon Island. The common ingredients are goat[1] shoulders with tomato paste and liver spread.[2]

Kaldereta is originally a goat stew made with tomatoes, potatoes, spices, liver, olives, bell peppers and hot peppers. Originally adapted from the Spanish during their 300-year occupation of the Philippines.

Kaldereta is a favorite Filipino meal served during parties, festivities and other special occasions in the Philippines. It is a Spanish-influenced dish (the Spanish word "caldera" means cauldron) that became to be Filipinos' favorite and made their own versions. Originally, the main ingredients of this dish includes goat meat, tomato sauce, liver, pepper and cheese.

Variations of this dish is with beef, chicken and or pork.[1] Beef kaldereta is a common dish in the Philippines made with stewing cuts of beef simmered until tender. Another is with chicken or pork because of the price and availability.

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