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Word/name Gaelic, Marathi language
Meaning Affectionate, calm, fair, ocean, pure, sea, slender, tide; black (in Marathi)
Other names
Alternative spelling Kayle, Kail, Cale kaleb,כאלב
Variant form(s) Kaden, Kai, Kalene, Kaley, Kalyn
Related names Kaile, Kalea, Kaleah, Kalee, Kalei, Kaleia, Kayla, Kaleya

Kale, sometimes spelt as Kayle or abbreviated from Kalen, is a Gaelic unisex given name, although it is more commonly given to males. It is derived from the Gaelic, Hebrew, כאלב, and Germanic languages,[citation needed] and it is used largely in the English and Hawaiian languages.[1]

Kale (pronounced Kah-lay) is also a very common last name in Maharashtra, a state in India. Originally, it was exclusive to families of the Maratha and Brahmin caste.[citation needed]


Fictional characters[edit]


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