Kalem Island

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Kalem Island
Native name: Kalem Adası
Kalem Island is located in Turkey
Kalem Island
Kalem Island
Location Aegean Sea
Coordinates 39°0′12″N 26°47′42″E / 39.00333°N 26.79500°E / 39.00333; 26.79500
İl (province) İzmir Province
İlçe Dikili

Kalem Island (Turkish: Kalem Adası, literally "Pen Island") is an Aegean island of Turkey. Administratively, the island is a part of Dikili ilçe (district) of İzmir Province at 9°0′12″N 26°47′42″E / 9.00333°N 26.79500°E / 9.00333; 26.79500.[1] It is close to Bademli town and its distance to main land (Anatolia) is about 400 metres (1,300 ft). It is a narrow island where the maximum length in the north to south direction is about 1.5 kilometres (0.93 mi)

The island and Garip Island to the west were known as Arginusae islands in the antiquity. The naval battle of Arginusae was fought around Kalem island in 406 B.C.

Presently the island is a private property. There is a hotel and a beach for the tourists and the divers.[2]