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Kalgachia is located in Assam
Location in Assam, India
Kalgachia is located in India
Kalgachia (India)
Coordinates: 26°22′N 91°52′E / 26.36°N 91.86°E / 26.36; 91.86Coordinates: 26°22′N 91°52′E / 26.36°N 91.86°E / 26.36; 91.86
Country Kalgachia  India
State Assam
Region Western Assam
District Barpeta
Named for Very popular for banana(kola)
 • Type The provincial governing authority of Assam,as the state of India.
 • Total 125,00(approx)
 • Official Assamese, Bangali
Time zone UTC+5:30 (IST)
PIN 781319
Vehicle registration AS
Website barpeta.nic.in

Kalgachia is a sub-urban town in Barpeta district, Assam, India. It is 33 kilometres (21 mi) west of district headquarters Barpeta.


It is not clear when the village was established, but a few official document states that the village was established in the 16th century. It is believed that due to the large population of Kal Gaach (Banana tree), the name has become Kalgachia (meaning place where banana trees are found). The name of the village, east of the settlement of the indigenous Mia was called klitapara. Old Kalgachia village is divided in 1927 into modern Kalgachia and Dimapur.

The 3rd proposed Kalgachia sub division has been formally declared as 'Kalgachia civil Sub division' of Barpeta district on 1 January 2016 as a new year gift by then-Congress-led state government. The Kalgachia civil Sub division committee had been formed in 1975 and since then the demand was raised to form Kalgachia as civil Sub division. Kalgachia is the center place of Jania LAC from where Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed became a President of India. The proposal was made by sub division committee in June 2015 to form Kalgachia as civil Sub division, presided over by Abdul Khaleque (MLA Jania) And Secretary Md Muzzamel Hussain (Former APSC Member)[1]


The total population is 29,000 where 17,000 are male and 12,000 are female as per 2011 sensus[2]


Nabajyoti college is the higher educational institution and G K Arabic college madrassa higher educational institution in Kalgachia. There are many private institutions in this place. Ataur Rahman College of Education [3] and B.B. College are another two institutions of close to this town. Epitome Computer Institute is the oldest and only certified computer education establishment[[4]] and A large number of good quality of English Medium School are Al-Ameen Academy. K.K.Pathak high school is one of the oldest schools of this town. There is new college started (2018) named Ajmal College of Arts & Science. Kalgachia Commerce College is the only commerce college of this town but this college is transfered to Dewkura. So there is only one private institution of commerce is present till now. Some private sector schools of this town are Radiance Academy, Royal Global English School.[[5]], Fakaruddin Ali Ahmed junior college, and Eden Academy.[[6]] A special season of Asam Sahitya Sabha was held in 2002 with presence all Assamese educationists and Litterateurs. Lokpriya Girls College is the one girl's college of this town area village Dimapur.

Transport and communication[edit]

Kalgachia is located 14 km south of National Highway 27 and well connected by road with Sarbhog and nearby towns. The nearest railway station is Sorbhog Railway Station and the nearest airport is Gauhati Airport.

Kalgachia Village List[edit]

Sl No Village Name 1 Aditpur, 2 Amguri, 3 Bagulamari, 4 Balagaon, 5 Balai Pathar, 6 Balapathar, 7 Balikuri Gaon, 8 Balikuri Pathar, 9 Bandarmora, 10 Banghugi, 11 Bankabhanga, 12 Barbhitha, 13 Bardonga, 14 Barhowara, 15 Bartari, 16 Besimari, 17 Bhera, 18 Bilortari, 19 Chachapari, 20 Chandmama Gaon, 21 Chandmama Pathar, 22 Char Charia, 23 Chariatpur, 24 Chatala Gaon, 25 Chatala N.C., 26 Chenimari, 27 Chikni, 28 Dabandia, 29 Deuldi, 30 Dewkura, 31 Dhakalia Para, 32 Digjani, 33 Dimapur, 34 Garali Pam, 35 Gobindapur, 36 Golia, 37 Guileza, 38 Gunialguri, 39 Haldia Gaon, 40 Haldia Pathar, 41 Hapachara Gaon, 42 Hapachara Pathar, 43 Hatchara, 44 Hatijuna, 45 Isabpur, 46 Jamer Kur, 47 Jaurimari Gaon, 48 Jaurimari V.G.R., 49 Joypur Gaon, 50 Joypur Pathar, 51 Kalgachia, 52 Kandulia, 53 Kasukati, 54 Kaur Jahi, 55 Kayakuchi Gaon, 56 Kayakuchi Pathar, 57 Khandakar Para, 58 Khar Balli, 59 Khatatari, 60 Khelli, 61 Khudrakhowa, 62 Khudrakuchi, 63 Kismat Moinbari, 64 Kismat Moinbari N.C., 65 Lachanga, 66 Langla, 67 Manikpur, 68 Meni Simla, 69 Mohia, 70 Monakocha, 71 Mowamari, 72 Moyanbari Pam, 73 Nadiapara, 74 Niz Moinbari, 75 Pachim Moinbari, 76 Pahartali, 77 Pathalia Para, 78 Pathar Chali, 79 Phulora N.C., 80 Purana Sikartari, 81 Rampur, 82 Roukhowa, 83 Satra Moinbari, 84 Sawpur (Saalpur), 85 Sawrachar Gaon(Sewrachera Gaon, 86 Sawrachar Pathar(Sewra Chera), 87 Sawrachar V.G.R., 88 Sikartari Pathar, 89 Sikartary Gaon, 90 Solmari, 91 Sonabari, 92 Srirampur, 93 Sutir Pathar, 94 Takakata, 95 Tapeswara, 96 Tarakandi, 97 Titapani, 98 Udmari, 99 Uprupi, 100 Uttar Moinbari.

Public amenities[edit]

The Civil Hospital of Barpeta is situated centrally at Kalgachia Town. In spite of that, there is also PHCH at Kalgachia Town. Kalgachia police outpost is upgraded to police station and Fire Brigade service is also available.

Notable people[edit]