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Location of Kalhovdfjorden in the Skiensvassdraget area
Location Tinn, Telemark
Coordinates 60°03′37″N 08°15′35″E / 60.06028°N 8.25972°E / 60.06028; 8.25972Coordinates: 60°03′37″N 08°15′35″E / 60.06028°N 8.25972°E / 60.06028; 8.25972
Primary outflows Mår
Catchment area Skien
Basin countries Norway
Surface area 20.39 km2 (7.87 sq mi)
Shore length1 79.05 km (49.12 mi)
Surface elevation 1,084 m (3,556 ft)
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Kalhovdfjorden is a lake belonging to the municipality Tinn in the province of Telemark in southern Norway. Kalhovdfjorden belongs to the catchment of the river Skien. The river Mår comes out of the lake. The lake is part of the Skiensvassdraget. To the north lies Geilo, to the south lie the lakes Møsvatn, Gøystavatnet and Lake Tinn. The area of the lake is 20.39 kilometers² and it is 1084 metres above sea level.