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Kali Malayalam Movie First Look Poster.jpg
First look poster
Directed by Sameer Thahir
Produced by Ashiq Usman
Shyju Khalid
Sameer Thahir
Written by Rajesh Gopinadhan
Starring Dulquer Salmaan
Sai Pallavi
Music by Gopi Sundar
Cinematography Gireesh Gangadharan
Edited by Vivek Harshan
Hand Made Films
Distributed by Central Pictures
Release date
  • 26 March 2016 (2016-03-26)
Running time
116 minutes
Country India
Language Malayalam

Kali (Rage) is a 2016 Indian Malayalam film directed and co-produced by Sameer Thahir. It stars Dulquer Salmaan and Sai Pallavi.[1][2] It is the second collaboration of Thahir and Salmaan, after Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi (2013).[3] The film was shot in Kochi, Vagamon, Athirappilly, Masinagudi, and Gudalur.[4] The film was released on 26 March 2016.[5] The film has been remade in Kannada as Kidi.[6] The film was dubbed and released into Telugu as Hey Pillagada in November 2017.[7]


Siddharth (Dulquer Salmaan) gets extreme anger very quickly as shown in flashback when a child hits his nose with finger to make fun of anger, the child gets beaten badly with nose bleed. Then in college,a student gang from another college hits Sidharths friend. For this Sidharth beats all the students of the gang with extra beating for those who hit him. He is married to Anjali (Sai Pallavi) by register marriage by his friends help and gets work in a bank in Kochi. Sidharth gets angry and shuts off the main electricity switch when a small child from neighborhood comes to his house and puts TV volume very high repeatedly inspite of Sidharth at first switch of the TV. While leaving the house, the child tells why can't you be repaired. For this Sidharth tells Anjali how the child is behaving without respect. Then Anjali tells Sidharth that the child is true that he should control his anger for which anger management schools can be attended.Sidharth gets angry in morning when he wants to go to office in hurry, either his car key won't be seen or food won't be ready in time. For which Anjali by the time finds out the key or prepare food, Sidharth would have left the house or broke a bottle which gets stuck while trying to take the biscuits inside. Anjali requests him to start changing his habits.

Sidharth is always filled with anger at his work place because of either customers behaving foolishly or by a coworker who beats hard on the back suddenly for which many times Sidharth warns not to beat like that. In the bank, bank manager lady is impressed on Sidharth performance and dressing. She invite Sidharth for a dinner party.

Anjali parents want them to come for a function. Anjali mother only calls and talk with Anjali, Anjali tells to make her father call Sidharth. The mother agrees. Sidharth keeps a ball for anger management in the workplace by which he concentrate to bring down his anger when he encounter foolish customers. Sidharth tries to make Anjali drive his car after shopping. During the ride Anjali fails to press clutch for changing the gear and also doesn't change gears up with speed, this makes Sidharth angry. Anjali stops the car in the middle of the road as she feel difficult to drive due to Sidharth anger. Sidharth tries to explain Anjali car mechanism without looking to front when a innova car suddenly stops in front and Sidharth takes the car to the front and thus hits the car. This cost heavy price for Sidharth.

Sidharth comes for party with Anjali. The annoying coworker suddenly beats onto the shoulder back of Sidharth making Sidharth fill with anger while Sidharth waits to talk with the lady bank manager with Anjali .The annoying coworker again irritate by telling for a new car taking Sidharth has not given party. The coworker leaves the scene after beating with hand on shoulder back of another person. Finally lady bank manager takes away Anjali to make her fresh and then come back. Anjali is standing alone, the annoying coworker tells how she tolerating a very angry fellow like Sidharth as husband, they all tolerating very badly him in the office. Sidharth hear half of this comes and ask Anjali what he told. Anjali closes the eye and tells to leave to her house. Now Sidharth tells will have food in the party and Anjali goes to take food. Now Sidharth friends invite Sidharth for their functions. The coworker again enters and beats hardly on Sidharth shoulder back. Now Sidharth very angrily beats onto the face of the coworker for which the coworker falls down out of the impact. Sidharth angrily shouts he has told many times not to beat like that. Anjali comes and goes out with Sidharth to their flat. Previously Anjali nuisance phone call comes frequently which used to make Sidharth angry. Now while sitting in the sofa, Sidharth sees Anjali phone ringing. Sidharth answer very rudely thinking it was a nuisance call but Anjali father calls. Anjali comes suddenly and take the phone and identify it's her parents. Anjali tells Sidharth his angry nature is difficult that she cannot live like that. Sidharth replies in anger then she can leave, he can leave without her. Anjali gets sad and packs the bag and start walking away from the flat.

She leaves home in tears but Siddharth offers to drive her home in Masinagudi in Tamil Nadu. On the way, a trucker overtakes their car without warning that almost causes them to crash. A furious Siddharth follows the truck and the incident turns into a road rage. He successfully overtakes the truck but a shaken Anjali begs him to let it go. He obeys her and they continue on their way when Anjali informs him that she is hungry . They stop by a roadside hotel which is run by a ruthless gangster, John (Vinayakan), and his henchmen. Siddharth begins to lose temper at the hotel when the waiter talks little rudely while ordering food and his anger is aggravated when the waiter brings pineapple juice for both of them with a fly dead in the juice for Sidharth. Sidharth tells the waiter there is a dead fly and that he don't want that juice. For this the waiter takes the juice away and takes off the dead fly with his hand and again gives back the same juice to Sidharth. Sidharth doesn't drink that. Siddharth, on Anjali's insistence, controls his anger. But at the cashier, manned by John, he refuses to pay for the glass of juice extra 80 rupees which he didn't drink. John offers him two options: leave without paying for anything or pay for everything.

Siddharth refuses and insists on paying for everything except the glass of juice. Anjali irritated due to the presence of Chakkara (Chemban Vinod) tells Sidharth to pay and get off from there. Siddharth finds out that he doesn't have any money on him or Anjali. Siddharth,offers to drive to the nearest ATM and get some cash but Chakkara demand that Anjali stays with them at the restaurant as security for which John tells good idea. He asks a terrified Anjali to drive to the nearest ATM. Though not proficient in driving, Anjali does so.

A while after she leaves, Chakkara too leaves the restaurant while a fearful Siddharth tries to contact Anjali. Anjali too is unable to contact Siddharth due to network failure and she fails to find any ATM. Behind her, she notices Chakkara's truck following her and applying horn and irritating in order to scare her so that she cannot drive the car in the middle of the lonely road. She continues driving but is unable to escape as it is a one-way road.

Meanwhile, Siddharth, after waiting for a long time and fearing Anjali's safety, tries to escape the restaurant but is captured by the henchmen after get hit down by John with a plastic chair . John and gang lock him in a room. Anjali keeps on driving with Chakkara right behind her. Another trucker who had noticed them two in the restaurant witnesses this.

Siddharth, now conscious, try to escape from the room and a young boy who was working in the restaurant opens the locked room to help him out. He steps into the middle of a gang fight. At the same time, Chakkara corners Anjali at a bend when her car gets stuck in the mud because Chakara hits at the back of anjalis car causing Anjali lose control of the car. He breaks the windows to rape Anjali and as he is about to drag her out of the car, the other trucker arrives on the scene with police which enables Anjali to escape from Chakkara's cruel intentions, who leaves that area seeing the light of police jeep at the far.

Anjali, with the help of the police, arrives back at the restaurant to find John critically injured and Siddharth with a knife. Siddharth is arrested and the police inform Anjali that he will be imprisoned if John dies. But John reports to the police that the previous owner of the hotel came with rowdy gang to beat John ending up in gang fight. During the fight the child opens the locked door for Sidharth. Sidharth when about to leave sees the child being beaten by a rowdy so he turns back hits down the rowdy and other rowdy people. Suddenly police jeep coming noise heard, John gets stabbed by the previous owner of the restaurant, from whom John took over the business by force. John lies down hurt unable to move asking for water pulling out the knife to ground himself. Johns hotel members all run away from the area without helping John. But Sidharth stops to help. Siddharth had actually gone to the kitchen to get some water for John but when he heard the noise outside, he grabbed the knife for safety fearing that others had come to attack them.

Siddharth is let go and they drive to Anjali's house. On the way, she asks him why he had asked her to go alone and he confesses that he was really scared to leave her with them at the restaurant. He admits that it was his temper that got them into trouble and promises to work hard to control his anger issues, even though it cannot be done overnight. On the way, they see Chakkara and his truck which has broken down. Anjali stops the car and Siddharth, as the first step towards controlling his anger, decides to let him go but a furious Anjali refuses to forgive Chakkara. Siddharth steps out of the car with Anjali's existential approval and runs in fury towards Chakkara. Chakara takes iron road in his hand. But Sidharth runs onto Chakara and thus blackens the scene ending the film with a sound depicting that Sidharth beats chakara.



The music is composed by Gopi Sunder and the soundtrack was released on 11 March 2016 by Satyam Audios.[8] The song "Take You Down" from the 2015 movie The Man from U.N.C.L.E (2015) was used in the trailer for Kali without giving credit to the original composer Daniel Pemberton.[9][10]

1."Chillu Ranthal"B K HarinarayananJob Kurian5:03
2."Vaarthinkalee"B K HarinarayananDivya S. Menon4:33

Box office[edit]

IBTimes reported that the film collected 2.33 crore (US$320,000) in the opening day from Kerala; breaking the previous record of Loham (2015) to become the highest Malayalam opener. It grossed 5.89 crore after 3 days.[11]

The total earnings of the movie in 27 days from the US box office is 28.84 lakh (US$40,000),[12] and 30.18 lakh (US$42,000) from 3rd weekend from UK box office.[13] The film is reported to have collected 15.2 - 16.4 crore from Kerala box office[14][15]


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