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Kali is a Hindu goddess.

Kali may also refer to:


  • Kali (demon), Lord of Kali Yuga and nemesis of Kalki (the 10th Vishnu incarnation)
  • Kali Yuga, the age of Kali in Hinduism
  • Kali, the original name of Satyavati, a character in the Mahabharata

Gipsy lore[edit]

  • Saint Sarah, goddess-like patron saint of the Roma people, also known as Sara e Kali

Place names[edit]

Martial arts[edit]

  • Kalis, a double-edged Filipino sword
  • Eskrima (also known as Kali, or Arnis), Filipino martial arts

Arts and entertainment[edit]

Plants and animals[edit]

  • Kali (plant), a plant genus with species excluded from genus Salsola (Chenopodiaceae/Amaranthaceae)
  • Kali (fish), a fish genus in the family Chiasmodontidae

Brands and products[edit]

  • Kali (software), enabling online multiplayer of IPX compatible games over a TCP/IP network
  • KALI (laser), a powerful linear electron accelerator being built in India
  • Kali Linux, a Debian-based Linux distribution designed for penetration testing



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