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Kalimba Marichal
Born Kalimba Marichal Ibar
Mexico City, Mexico
Occupation Singer, actor

Kalimba Kadjaly Marichal Ibar, known professionally as Kalimba, is a Mexican singer and voice actor.


Kalimba Kadjaly Marichal Ibar was born in Mexico City to parents who are Afro-Cuban. He and his sister M'balia were both given traditional African names. His parents, especially his father, were involved in music and theatre.

Kalimba began his career at the age of three. He and his sister M'balia Marichal began performing in theater and on television. Kalimba appeared on shows such as Chiquilladas and Chocolate Chip (in which he shared credit with his sister and his father). At the same time he participated in the soap opera Carrusel Americas biography.

In 1993 Kalimba joined La Onda Vaselina as part of the Mexican pop group OV7, participating in the album La Banda Rock. After leaving the group in 1996 he returned to dubbing with work in films such as The Lion King where he sang as the voice of Simba for the song I Just Can't Wait to Be King (Yo Quisiera Ya Ser El Rey),[1] and James and the Giant Peach. He voiced Takashi in the Latin American version of Akira, as well as the eponymous character in Chicken Little. Other works include the voice of Arnold in Hey Arnold! and the telenovela "Carrusel de las Américas".

Kalimba is also known for his acting, appearing in Héroes verdaderos (2010), Broken Sky (2006) and Chispas de chocolate (1986).

Criminal complaint and dismissal[edit]

In January 2011 an arrest warrant was issued for Kalimba in Mexico after an allegation that he raped a 17-year-old girl in a hotel room after a concert in Chetumal, Quintana Roo, on December 18, 2010.[2][3][4] Traveling to the United States, Kalimba was arrested on January 20, 2011 on immigration charges in El Paso, Texas and turned in to PGR back in Mexico.[5] He was released on January 27, 2011 due to lack of evidence.[6]


  1. Latin party
  2. Buscando
  3. Tocando Fondo
  4. Tú tienes tu lugar
  5. Llévate
  6. Undercover
  7. No me quiero enamorar
  8. 2nite's the night
  9. Día de suerte
  10. Holler
  11. Llorar duele más
  12. Amor o love
  1. Inevitable
  2. No volverás
  3. Te siento mía
  4. Solo dejate amar
  5. Viernes de ceniza
  6. Duele
  7. Norwegian wood
  8. Volverá
  9. Gritar
  10. Luna
  11. Nunca sabrás
  12. Sin darle amor
  13. No puedo dejarte de amar
  1. Jamás
  2. Ella baila sola
  3. Se te olvido
  4. Mi otro Yo
  5. Si no estás Tú
  6. 06 001-646
  7. Sin explicación
  8. Niña Primavera
  9. Antés de Tí
  10. Aléjate
  11. Cada estación
  12. Sin mis caricias
  1. Perfume De Gardenia [4:47]
  2. Amar Y Querer [5:52]
  3. Luces De Nueva York [4:21]
  4. Ya Lo Sé Que Tu Te Vas [5:00]
  5. Amor Eterno [5:51]
  6. Al Final [4:57]
  7. Desesperado [4:22]
  8. Acá Entre Nos [5:09]
  9. Vivir Así Es Morir De Amor [6:42]
  10. El Ultimo Beso [4:25]
  11. Volcán [5:52]
  12. Querida [4:21]
  13. A Mi Manera () [8:17]
  14. El Triste [7:30]


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