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Porrón 1.jpg
A porrón with kalimotxo and the used bottle of 1983 vintage wine.
TypeMixed drink
Primary alcohol by volume
ServedOn the rocks; poured over ice
Standard drinkware
Highball Glass (Tumbler).svg
Highball glass
Commonly used ingredients
PreparationStir together over plenty of ice.

Kalimotxo or calimocho (Basque pronunciation: [ka.li.mo.tʃo], Spanish pronunciation: [ka.li.ˈmo.tʃo]) is a drink consisting of equal parts red wine and cola-based soft drink.[1][2] The concoction dates back to the 1920s in Spain, but was relatively uncommon as Coca-Cola wasn't manufactured in the country at that time. The first Coca-Cola factory opened in Spain in 1953, and the drink was "reborn" and given its current name in 1972. [3] It has since become a classic of the Basque Country region.[4]


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