Kalinda Vazquez

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Kalinda Vazquez
Born New York, NY
Other names Kalinda Vasquez
Occupation Television writer, producer
Years active 2003–present

Kalinda Vazquez is an American television writer and producer.

She is well known for her work on the Fox drama Prison Break and The CW espionage series Nikita.


Vazquez worked as a writing assistant, staff writer and story editor from 2006-2009 on the Fox drama Prison Break. She also contributed several scripts to the series and co-wrote the final installment Prison Break: The Final Break.[1]

She was an executive story editor and writer on the first season of the Fox action series Human Target.[1]

In summer 2010 she joined the staff of The CW action/espionage series Nikita's first season, as a writer and executive story editor. At the start of the second season, Vazquez was promoted to co-producer, a title she held until her departure at the end of the season.[1]

In fall 2012, Vazquez boarded the second season crew of the ABC fantasy series Once Upon a Time as a writer and producer.


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